A Chick-Fil-A Employee Hailed For Saving A Kid

Miracles do not occur on their own. They are waged by some witty souls. This fact aptly goes with the heroic act of a Chick-fil-A employee named Logan Simmons. The teenager leapt out of the drive-thru window of his workplace to salvage a choking kid. People around him chanted his name as a hero.

One beautiful Thursday evening, Simmons arrived to do his shift at the restaurant in Georgia. Engrossed in his work, he noticed something alarming out of the drive-thru window. A boy sitting in the rear seat was trapped by the seat belt. The belt was tangled around the little nugget’s neck and it was strangling him. Simmons was horrified to see that. He at once, jumped out of the drive-thru window. According to him, it was the shortest possible way for him to reach the car. On his way, he noticed another car too.

The condition of the 6-year-old boy was getting critical. He was all red and struggling to breathe. Finally, he reached the car. After getting to it, he took out a pocketknife and at once set to cut the seat belt that was tangled around his neck. The horrified mother of the kid was shouting for help. With some rigorous efforts, the neck of the boy was set free. The kid took some breaths of relief.

Everyone around also took a sigh of relief. The relieved mother caught Simmons after an hour to thank him. She might have fallen short of words to express her gratitude. The hero of the episode shared that he had jumped out of the window and had run straight down to the car. According to him, the kid had seen turning red. Also, the boy was losing pigmentation in his face.


Logan was also shocked after his heroic act. He could not believe that he did it. He commented that he did felt like a hero. People hailed his quick action. Soon he was surrounded by a passionate crowd as the incident reached people’s ears. Chick-fil-A was eventually inundated with visitors. They congratulated him for saving the child.

Taking on that part, Logan said that they had been shouting and cheering his name. They asked him to sit with them and stuff. The restaurant did not give him any training on how to salvage someone. His wit and quick approach facilitated his right move in that hour of emergency.

The mother of the hero-Terri was surprised to know the heroic deed of her son. She shared that he had been home for a couple of hours. Then he told his mom that he had saved a kid’s life that day. His tone was very casual as if he had not done anything great. Her mother could not believe her ears. She was proud of her son’s quick instinct.

Logan’s instinct had won millions of hearts around the world. He had proved that wit is the greatest opulence on the earth.