A Dog Is Delivering Homemade Food To People During Lockdown

This whole lockdown thing is pretty depressing and little bits of news with hope and happiness are essential to keep us going and that is exactly what we bring to you today in the form of this dog from West Sussex who has made spreading joy his motto. How? By delivering homemade food all around his neighborhood- yes that’s right!

The ‘good boy’ also carries a separate pack with treats especially meant for him. As lockdown happened, Kate Mitchell, the 28-year-old ‘hooman’ of the delivery dog named Sheldon was worried that their lovely Bulldog would feel lonely and left out while the family quarantined themselves.

Sheldon who regulars Mitchell’s makeup and hair studio in Worthing is customer favorite and is going to turn two in just about two weeks. However, ever since the population of the United Kingdom was instructed to stay home due to the quick spread of COVID-19, Sheldon had to stay indoors and began missing all the focus and limelight he used to garner.

Seeing his little boy upset Kate soon came up with this intelligent idea. The owner of the Kate Mitchell Makeup Studio, Worthing in an interview mentioned how Sheldon loved greeting customers every single day, but as the lockdown struck and people began to isolate themselves in order to maintain social distance, Sheldon started to miss his routine of interacting with new humans every day. And that is exactly when Kate decided to bake a batch of homemade cookies and let Sheldon deliver it around their neighborhood- this was to serve two purposes, one, to cheer people up. Two, to bring joy to Sheldon; after all, he deserves all the love and attention in the world.

After her pilot experiment happened successfully, she baked yet another batch of cookies and sweet treats for Sheldon to deliver and henceforth people began demanding to see more of Kate’s pawed delivery assistant. Talking of her neighbors’ reaction Kate added to her previous statement that they all loved it and their expressions said it all. Sheldon who is loved by everyone in the town is always welcomed to people’s home and this time too he was invited in and cuddled at every door. A person even sent a ‘thank you’ note for Kate, and all this love that Sheldon receives and the joy he spreads is beautiful.

Not just this, Sheldon is also a big support for Kate as her partner works in the key services and is often away. But this good boy is not all goody-good, he is mischievous and extremely playful and always finds some or the other way to bring positivity to people by entertaining them. Kate added that having him next to her made things easy for her. His loyalty, caring persona and charm add to his aura. People often diverge from their walking routes to pat him when they see him at the window, said Kate.

This man’s best friend is truly turning out to be a blessing in desperate times Are we right or are we right?