A Family Card Game Gave Her A £1 Million Business And Now She Is An Inspiring Entrepreneur By Working Just 30 Minutes A Day

How many times have you thought about becoming your own boss? We bet you have lost count of that! But the people who are stuck in a job that they don’t want or are facing some issues with their employment status have wished this more than anyone else, that’s for sure! If you are one of them, then Hazel Reynolds is someone who will inspire you to take another step.

Hazel Reynolds, 32, was having a rough time at her job as her workplace was having quite a negative effect on her. She had a hard time surviving in that environment and blamed herself at the end of the day. That’s the worst feeling anyone can ever experience!

Her husband, Chris was observing her go through all this stress on a regular basis because of her job and wanted to help her in any way he could. So, he asked her to quit her job for good and think about starting a business.

Hazel was convinced with the idea of starting a business especially when Chris gave her the proposition for business which involved launching a card game, the idea for which came to her last Christmas. Her family approved of that game with great enthusiasm and she knew that something was right about it.

But when she gave it a deeper thought, she felt that starting her business might not be practical after all. There were a few roadblocks in the beginning, the one being the number of hours entrepreneurs need to give in order to see their dreams come true. But going back to being a journalist for a consumer magazine in London, which she couldn’t bear anymore, seemed much more difficult. So, she quit her job in September 2015 and began working on her business.

The roadblocks were not over yet. She was ready to start her company, everything was set up and the following day she got news that she was pregnant. Both Hazel and Chris were extremely happy after receiving the news but Hazel fell really sick in the first months of her pregnancy. She could not get out of her bed, it was so difficult for her.

Despite these struggles, she managed to spare half an hour in a day for working on her project. This is what paid off. They started a campaign wherein people give a chance to new ideas online by funding their initiative to make people have a look at that. Three weeks in and they had raised £4,500. How amazing is that!

One thing led to another and soon they had office space in Brighton to expand their business. Her card game “Randomise” was soon taking birth. Basically, this game is a fusion of Pictionary and Charades. The team has to guess what’s on the card as the player describes it to them by acting or drawing.

When Hazel and Chris knew they had enough money, they manufactured the first stock of the card game in December 2015. The best was yet to come. They were included in the Amazon Launchpad, the platform that recognizes and promotes new businesses. Hazel developed strategies to make time for her family as well as for her business and one such step was enrolling herself in the FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) service. They did everything from storing the product to posting it to the customers. It was exactly what Hazel needed at that time.

After giving birth to her son in June 2016, Hazel worked 30 minutes a day on an average with full dedication and the outcome of her hard work was a turnover of £164,000.

She has now launched new games as well and Randomise has become quite popular among the people. They are working incredibly hard towards their projects and the turnovers have only increased every year. She is sure that 2019 would end on a successful note as she is expecting to make over £1million this year.

We wish her good luck for the future endeavors and we know she will keep inspiring everyone who is planning on working towards their dream!