A Fifteen-Year-Old's Last Wish Comes True As She Meets With Her 'Favorite Ginger'!

Death is inevitable! Till date, it is that one thing that humans have failed to triumph. It is a dreadful emotion that at one point dawns upon every human being and probably that one bullet every human wish they could dodge, especially when it comes way before you anticipated. Can you even imagine how devastating would it be for a teen who is just starting out her life to find out that she might not be able to accomplish all that she has ever dreamed of, that she might never experience everything a normal kid her age would, because she would be battling for her life? Sophia Gall was going through the same ordeal when at the tender age of 15, she discovered that cancer had spread through her lungs.

Sophia Gall, from Victoria, has been battling childhood cancer since June 2015 and revealed earlier in the month that her cancer had become terminal.

The 15-year-old has osteosarcoma, a rare bone cancer, and in a video that went viral, she shared her last wish to meet British singer Ed Sheeran and American TV host Ellen DeGeneres. Sophia has been travelling Europe since June 2, and in her latest Instagram post shared a sweet snap of her and Ed Sheeran together.


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