A Fifteen-Year-Old's Last Wish Comes True As She Meets With Her 'Favorite Ginger'!

Taking to Instagram to share her joy, Sophia said she that had been ‘reunited with my fave ginger’.

“Ed Sheeran you are truly amazing. I am so overly happy right now,” she wrote. “This day has been amazing and I never want it to end!”¬†Sophia, who was diagnosed in 2015 after doctors found a lump on her back, said the British singer is her ‘favourite person in the whole world’. Sophia posted an emotional video to her Facebook earlier in the month, revealing her cancer had spread to her leg and no more medical treatments were available.


Osteosarcoma or osteogenic sarcoma is a rare type of bone cancer.

It usually develops in growing bones, which is why it’s most common in teenagers and young adults. While any bone in the body can be affected, the most common sites are the arms or legs, particularly around the knee joint. Her regular scans showed that cancer started to spread down her leg and it was not shrinking.


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