A Gay Couple’s Heart-Warming Effort To Recreate Their Pride Photo After 25 Years Of Togetherness!

Living in the world we are a part of today can sometimes take a toll on the discreet and die-hard romantics. With the majority of the crowd questioning something as sacred as love and an ever increasing rate of divorce and break-ups, couples even in a happy relationship often find themselves probing their companionship. These questions tend to be even stronger and bitter when it comes to a gay couple, due to all the drama and suffering they generally have to withstand early on in their life. But Cardello and English’s super cute display of affection is a proof that their relationship was beyond all those insecurities and love does conquer all.

Cardello and English’s 25th anniversary was significant for many obvious reasons, and one way the couple decided to celebrate was by attending the Equality March in Washington, DC.

Cardello, before the days leading up to the March, started sharing “more affectionate” photos of himself and his partner on ¬†Facebook, including this throwback photo of him kissing English when they attended the March on Washington in 1993. This particular photo was significant to Cardello for personal reasons, he said. “[It] was a kind of second coming-out for us.”


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