A Generous McDonald’s Employee Pays For Her Customers’ Orders To Spread Kindness

Good deeds that are done selflessly can go a long way in adding brightness and happiness in this world. It can create a chain of kindness that will spread its magic around and take it far. A generous employee at McDonald’s did her bit in initiating this chain reaction by paying for her customers’ orders silently. One guy noticed her kindness and decided to tell the world!

One act of kindness can have a miraculous impact that has the power to create a positive change in the world. With this in mind, one worker at McDonald’s has been paying her customers’ food bills at the restaurant out of her own pocket.

This has been going on for months until someone posted a video of this thoughtful employee, Enya, and thanked her for all that she does.

Joshua recorded the video while he was at that food outlet to grab a meal and met this kind soul. Enya had heard him call his mom before placing the order to know if she wanted anything. That impressed Enya and she decided to pay for Joshua’s order.

He wrote on the video, “So I just went to McDonald’s Coventry Tile Hall and whilst I was about to make my order, I rang my mum and asked her did she want anything.”

“I then placed my order and got round to the window to pay and this girl said she is going to pay for my order as her kind act of the day, because I rang my mum and it was thoughtful,” he added.

He was surprised to know that such benevolent and selfless people exist and keep kindness alive! “If anyone knows a girl called Enya who works at Mcdonald’s, someone message her and tell her she has just made my week,” he further wrote.

Enya Vegnere, 19, shared her story and revealed that she has been paying for her customers for a long time now. She said, “I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve done it. I don’t do it for rude customers – just the people who are polite to me.”

“My motto is ‘takers eat better but givers sleep better’. I don’t do it for recognition – I just think it’s nice to do nice things for people. You never know what someone is going through and what a kind gesture could do.”

She recalled meeting Joshua and explained why she did it for him. “I thought it was cute that he called his mum – not everyone is that considerate of their parents. I thought why not reward his thoughtfulness – it was only £4, a hot chocolate and a couple of burgers.”

“He was made up and he got in touch later to say thank you. He said it made his week. But it was really nothing, I didn’t want any recognition or praise. Some people do kind things with the expectation that they will get something back in return but that’s not the right way to do it. You shouldn’t expect something back,” she added.

How amazing is this! Joshua made the right choice by revealing the kind face behind the window. She deserves all the appreciation that’s being sent her way.

“She made my week and put a smile on my face. I spoke to the manager of the McDonald’s on Twitter and tried to get her an extra day’s holiday but I don’t think it worked,” Joshua shared.

“But I paid it forward in Greggs yesterday by buying a meal for the person in front of me. They also were thankful and said they would pay it forward.”

They formed a chain with links of kindness and thoughtfulness added to it when every person performs one good deed for someone and it is taken forward. Let’s join in too, people!