A Glitch At The Bank Led A Man To Receive 64 Replacement Debit Cards

A man shared the epic blunder of his bank on Reddit who had sent him 64 new debit cards after every few days. Normally, a replacement of expiring debit cards ends up on your doorstep, but 64 debits cards are too much. You have to remember the new details of your debit card just to forget them.

It is frustrating to receive new debit cards every few days as it is not easy to remember the credentials of a card and when they keep on changing frustration spikes to another level. While sharing his story on Reddit the man named Peter shared: “My bank sent me 64 copies of the same debit card.” And not just that he shared pictures of the new cards as well. Some of them were still attached to the letters from the Premium Members Credit Union.

People were curious about the whole thing and thus, they asked their questions in the comments. Peter even answered them and wrote: “Back in December, I started receiving replacement debit cards. They’d show up one or two at a time every few days. I’ve called my bank several times but the card issuance is handled by a third party.”

“The only difference between each card is the expiration date (and I assume CVV), which are sequential. The first card expires 12/24 and the last expires 04/30 with every card in between, although I seem to be missing 07/29.” After that, he tried another way and that was by cancelling the card. He thinks that that might have helped because since then he has not received any new card.

“I haven’t received any in 10 days, which is a new high score. I assume the glitch has been fixed. The card has since been cancelled and the new replacement they sent me only showed up once.” With more than 126,000 upvotes and 4,300 comments, people found the whole thing very amusing. One person replied: “Just in case 63 are lost or stolen.”

Second wrote: “Turn them into playing cards. All you have to do is to write numbers on their backs and you have the weirdest deck in existence.” Another replied: “Could be the 2021 version of making it rain, except instead of cash, it’s debit cards.”

Someone else pointed out: “Strength: Each of these cards may be used to make purchases. Weakness: Each card draws funds from the same account.” A different user shared his grief and wrote: “Meanwhile I’ve requested seven new cards over the past four years and haven’t received a single one.”