A Health Crazy Woman In China Nearly Died After Injecting Herself With Fruit Juice

In an effort to improve her health, Zeng used a homemade IV drip to inject a juice made from 20 different fruits. After injecting herself with the mixture, she felt itchy all over and her body temperature also rose for the rest of the night, but she didn’t do anything about her discomfort. It was only when her husband saw her and asked what was wrong was she taken to a hospital.

She was admitted in Affiliated Hospital of Xiangnan University in Hunan on 22nd February. She had contracted an infection and suffered from severe kidney, liver, heart and lung damage. So, she was immediately put in intensive care unit. Her organs had started to fail and she had also developed sepsis. She was left fighting for her life. To clean her blood from the fruit juice the doctors carried out dialysis. They also injected her with clotting agents and gave her anti biotics.

It was only after 5 days that she was shifted from intensive care unit to the general ward. The woman, who was interested in unconventional medical treatment, said that she thought that fruit juice was nutritious and it would not harm her if she injected it into her body. She had no idea that it would cause her so much trouble.

Her doctor, Liu Jianxiu, said that she had been in the danger of dying of multiple organ failure and sepsis. Due to immediate dialysis and other treatments, they were able to save her life. Eventually she was discharged from the hospital.

Soon the story gained attention in a Chinese social media site, Weibo. Some social media users claimed that this case highlighted the need for basic medical knowledge among people. Thousands of users have started using hashtag, #OldWomanPutsJuiceIntoVeins.

To get maximum nutritional value from fruits, one should consume it raw. Eating whole fruit is considered to be the best way of attaining the full benefits of fruits. Juices however, lose some of its nutritional value as they might contain preservatives. Mixing of juices and injecting them should be avoided. They may seem to be a source of vitamins and minerals but they might be fatal.