A Life Is Saved Amidst A Heart-breaking Tragedy As Baby Kangaroo Emerges Triumph!

A majority of humans on seeing a living being in distress try to do everything in their power to save them. It’s just human nature to want to lend a helping hand when necessary. So it’s difficult to imagine what would make someone, who had hit a helpless animal with their car, take off without first waiting for help to arrive. How could a person be so merciless? Now, this might be a little difficult to assimilate but that’s exactly what happened recently in Australia when someone struck a poor kangaroo with their vehicle.

Melanie Fraser, a rescue worker with Macedon Ranges Wildlife Network and Wildlife Victoria in Australia, rushed to the scene.

But it was too late for the kangaroo, she died shortly after Fraser’s arrival. But in the midst of this tragedy, another life was saved. When Fraser checked mama kangaroo’s pouch, she found a tiny, pink baby. The precious little kangaroo was seen wriggling and kicking its legs, was so small that it fit entirely in Melanie’s hand.



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