A Life Is Saved Amidst A Heart-breaking Tragedy As Baby Kangaroo Emerges Triumph!

The baby, whom Fraser named Dawson, was already working himself out of his mum’s pouch, waving his little pink arm around in the air.

It was a good thing she found him when she did. Fraser explained, “Had he been left much longer, ants or the elements would have eventually killed him.” Fraser scooped up Dawson, who was probably only a couple months old and delivered him to Christine Gilmore, a wildlife rehabilitation worker. Since then, Gilmore has been doing everything she can to help Dawson, feeding him, cleaning him and keeping him warm.


“I am now his mum,” Gilmore claims.

Gilmore also paired Dawson with another orphaned baby kangaroo named Nelson, so he’d have someone of his kind around and somebody to cuddle with. “Nelson is a little bigger than him [Dawson], and they will grow together and be released together,” Gilmore said. Kangaroos need to stay with their human carers for about 18 months to two years, and they can only be released once they’re no longer reliant on people.


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