A Man Obsessed With ‘Facebook Likes’ Gets Engaged Nine Times

Did you know some people are obsessed with the smell of petrol and diesel? People who live their entire lives like a dog, people who still sleep with pacifiers in their mouths and those who bathe in ashes. This list of human beings and their bizarre hobbies could go on and on without ceasing. One can never be sure of what goes on in the head of humans and in this world full of weird preoccupations one particular type is that of the social media. Maybe because we can all realize our fantasies there? Or simply because the internet is a place where one can have what they fail to achieve in real life.

This colony of World Wide Web meant for the netizens is a zone for all the those who aspire to be VIPs, if not permanently social media is a place that can guarantee you that stature and position at least on a temporary basis, and this is precisely what our post is all about- a man’s obsession with social media ‘likes’ for he believes them to be a stamp of approval on his existence. So this man named Zach Lamplugh who happens to be a comedian decided to go on the knee for his long-time sweetheart Somaly and she, of course, said yes.


Wasting no time the couple decided to get engaged and posted pictures of their special event on social media and since it is impossible for people to ignore such things, this one received around 100 comments and more than 614 likes. The groom to be was so overjoyed with these many likes that he went on to do the same (post pictures of his engagement) for another eight times but the catch here is, every time it was a different person. With each of his post getting numerous likes the prank went on for a long time until people finally noticed the glitch. So the question is- Who exactly is the one the comedian is going to tie the knot with? Of course, it is Somaly!


“When our pictures were liked and commented on by so many people, unlike our regular posts we decided to have some fun. He who loves having all eyes on him at once came up with this hilarious prank. I am dating a weirdo and I love him”, said Somaly. This funny man also set up a GoFundMe page to ask people to arrange funds for his nine weddings. “It was purely a joke that worked out well and garnered a lot of limelight.”

In short, Zach discovered the perfect way to steal the show but do you think this is needed?