A Photo Shoot To Celebrate The First Back To School Day

Indeed, children always dread the first day of their school. The first day of the school is thrilling just for the moms. A group of moms recently showed that it is just not a saying but is a fact. Mothers truly love and wait for the first day of school after holidays or when the term ends.

When the school started again it was as if Christmas came early for four moms. Bridget Brown, Shawna Genua, Jennifer Patterson, and Robyn Kelly the four moms from Minneola, Florida, recently expressed their feelings in the form of a photoshoot when it was the first day of the school for their kids. Though all of them recently met each other but are thick as thieves when it comes to their friendship.

They met six months ago when each of them closed on their homes in new community development in Minneola, Florida. They met during the building process of their new homes and instantly clicked. They have a total of 18 children ranging from 3 to 36 years of age. Jennifer has six, Bridget has eight, Robyn has one and Shawna has three. One can say for sure that the kids keep them busy during summer and holidays.

The moms count their days during the holiday because all of them are working moms. It becomes very tiring when they have to juggle their home, children and work all day. They sure love spending time with their children under one roof and have lots of fun. But truth to be told it becomes tiring for them.


Even when the children are at school they have a lot of work and Shawna shares her side that “Its definitely not just time so sit home and relax. But also planning for school functions, sports, appointments, getting back into a strict routine and so much more.” As she was putting her kids to bed she had an idea of a back-to-school photoshoot with a spin of and asked her mates if they were up for a mini photoshoot.

And all agreed and were fascinated with the idea. She shared that “We met in Bridget’s driveway. [Then] we ran into the house to grab something that looked like wine, grabbed the chairs and wine glasses … We filled the glasses with fruit punch and headed outside.” They had a blast in their photoshoot and anyone could guess that from the pictures.

The pictures were very adorable and went viral in no time. Other mothers started sharing their experiences and perspectives of the first day back to the school and some wrote “Every year my neighbor and I would have a glass of wine to celebrate the first day of school!” the other one wrote “Every year my husband and I take the day off and go out to breakfast to celebrate the first day of school. It has quickly become one of our most celebrated holidays.”

“These are the back to school pics I’m interested in seeing!” commented another person. Well, other mothers are making Disney land trips on that occasion, but the mothers share their concern for their children as well, “We wonder how they are, if they are nervous, if they are making friends and of course we miss them!”