A Plane Turned Back To Unite A Mother With Her Baby

The plane took off from the King Abdul Aziz International Airport. It was heading to Kuala Lumpur over the weekend. All and sundry had comfortably settled down and everything was at peace. But the serenity did not last long. A woman who had boarded the plane soon realized that she had forgotten her child at the airport. She went hysterical and demanded to go back to her baby. Eventually, the matter was broken to the crew members. They reported it to the pilot.

After thinking hard on the serious matter, the pilot contacted the air traffic controllers. The noble soul sought permission to turn back to Jeddah (Saudi Arabia). The pilot told them that a passenger had forgotten her baby in the waiting area of the airport. On the other hand, the operator was caught in an intricate situation. The operator asked another official for clarification of protocols applicable in that situation.

The pilot confirmed the flight number-SV832 and again stressed the matter. The tensed soul once again told them that a passenger had left her baby in the terminal and refused to continue the flight. Sensing the urgency of the situation, the control room finally gave permission. They exclaimed the situation to be a totally new one for them. So ultimately, the flight turned back and mother was united with her baby.

Footage capturing the bits of the incident was soon uploaded. This rocked the social media world and it went viral in a few moments. More than 100K people watched the video. They listened to the conversation between the pilot and operators in that video. In the end, they took to their social media platforms to express their views and opinions. They lauded the efforts made by the pilot on his part. The noble soul got immense praise for sensing the emergency. But the users lashed out heavily at the woman for her unscrupulous approach towards her child.

Horrific incidents like this are not hard to find these days. People often slip out on many issues. This could be attributed to the over pre-occupation of human minds. It has wreaked havoc on many lives to date. The burning situation demands people to take up the path of a healthy lifestyle. Spiritual instruments like meditation can too come to their aid.