A Presbyterian Missionary Couple's Noble Decision Changed The Meaning Of Family For Five Kids!

Families look a lot different now than they did about 50 years ago. Since interracial marriages, adoption and foster care are extremely common these days, children with bad past experiences have a better chance of a fulfilling life. Also, all these bold steps are helping break the stigma that surrounds all these terms.  These notions are majorly the reason why it is not uncommon for a family to be made up of parents and children of different ethnicities and skin types.

Aaron and Rachel Halbert are of the same belief.

According to them, the racial turmoil in our country and predominantly where they are from in the south should never mean sacrificing a child’s opportunity at having a family. In fact, they believe it’s their duty to embrace the beauty in our differences. Thus, they agreed that they wanted to adopt because it was ‘the logical outcome of being pro-life.’


The couple also agreed on not adopting a white child, knowing that white kids are more likely to be chosen by prospective parents.

Although back then they were not so sure, they now know that this decision has transformed their life in the most heartwarming way imaginable. Aaron grew up with his missionary parents in Honduras, where he says he was a ‘blue-eyed, cotton-topped white kid who stuck out like a sore thumb’ and that helped him feel comfortable around people of other races. Something Rachel, who grew up in the Mississippi Delta, took a few years to pick up.


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