A Sister Fought Off Flames To Save Her 4-Year-Old Brother

A sister named Tatianna Wilson defied the risk to her life by running back into her house that was burning to save her 4-year-old brother named Davarion Wilson. When Tatianna came out, she noticed that her brother was crying for help in the house. The sister put herself at the steps of death to save her brother. With god’s grace, the two managed to rush out but received burns.

Family is the safest heaven on earth. One has to fear nothing when one has one’s family by one’s side. The family members always stand ready to douse the flames of crisis that roar to engulf one’s life. A sister named Tatianna Wilson brought out the golden facet of the family by saving her 4-year-old brother named Davarion Wilson.

It was sweet dawn of Thursday. But it was not the one for Wilson family in Chicago. As the needles of clock got close to strick 5:00 a.m., the flames of fire roared up and engulfed their home. The family members put aside their dose of sleep and started looking out for the safest exit. With god’s grace, they escaped the ruthlessness of fire flames. They reached out in the sound condition. The firefighters of that area got the information of the fire that was raging in the Greater Grand Crossing (neighborhood of Chicago).

As the family members were watching the wrath of flames crushing their house, Tatianna noticed that not all of her other nine family members (and their two dogs) were out with her. Her 4-year-old brother named Davarian Wilson was still inside the house that was on fire before her eyes. The house was thundering. According to Tatianna’s sister, “He was in the room. We heard him crying”. The flames were putting on more rage with every second passing away. She knew that the firefighters were on their way. But they might not have been able to reach on time to salvage little Davarion. His cries were choking their patience. Finally, Tatianna stepped up to save her brother.

The flames were in the scariest stage. The house was about to topple down any minute. But she put aside her fear and thought about her brother. She rushed in through the blazing flames to make her way to the staircase that led to the second floor. She walked up the stairs hastily and looked for the room in which her brother was trapped. Finally, she managed to reach the little Davarion who was in the pool of tears and choking with the smoke.

She grabbed her brother tightly and made her way down the stairs. Finally, the two reached out in the front of the porch of the house. They were out of their breaths and received burns. The paramedics present at the spot rushed to them. They started their primary treatment at once. But their burns were severe and needed hospital-treatments.

The 19-year-old sister (who had reached out in sound condition before) was having severe burns on her back, shoulders, neck and legs.

The team rushed them to the hospital.

Taking on the act of her sister, Johnson said, “I feel like she’s a hero, because she didn’t have to do that. She could have just left out of the house, and tried to protect herself, but she’d rather risk her life for others”.

Hopefully, the brave sister and brother would have been able to fight off the crisis.