A Six-Year-Old Embarrasses Poundland For Getting Their Spelling Wrong

This six-year-old girl, Masie Hastings, was all angry and shocked when she noticed Poundland had misspelled ‘Mistletoe’ in the Poundland Christmas decoration that she had bought from their store in Norwich. Just a week before this, she got this word in her spelling test and she had spelled it correctly! They were outraged when her dad Iain spotted the mistake.

It must have been a bad and shameful day for someone who worked in Poundland. Poundland is a variety store chain that sells most of its items at £1. When they were made aware of this incident, they offered the family their money back but now they will be sending some goodies for the girl from Wymondham, Norfolk along with the refund.

Being such a widely known company, it is one of the primary responsibilities of the manufacturers to take care of these issues which only seem to be petty but aren’t! We wonder what a bummer would it have been for the six-year-old kid who actually considers Poundland sacred in their world. Poundland had misspelled ‘mistletoe’ as ‘misteltoe’ on the Christmas decoration!


The mother, Sharon said that they laughed when they saw that even their six-year-old could spell it correctly. She also checked online if the ‘misteltoe’ was the American version of ‘mistletoe’ but turned out, it is not. They had separately kept many of their Christmas decorations away this time. Masie was such a fan of the brand that had she seen these spelling earlier, she would have gotten it wrong in the test too!

The family later found that the wooden ornaments in the Christmas decoration section hanging in the store had the same error on all of them! Her mother posted on Facebook, a picture of Masie with Poundland’s product in one hand and her spelling test in the other. One could see how angry, unimpressed and proud of her knowledge the little girl was. Even Masie could spell it correctly. She has the proof! To the family, this whole thing seemed unbelievably funny and the mother, in the end, said that the MD needs to keep the company’s spelling skills up.