A UPS Worker Helped In Making Christmas Magical

A worker of United Parcel Service accidentally became Santa's new elf this year, after he went over and above to help one family keep Christmas magical. UPS driver Josh Satkin went to his home to Warwick, New York on December 18 while doing his usual delivery route. He was appreciated after he went the extra mile to carefully hide a box.

The video that went popular showed a large box being unloaded from his truck. He placed it beside the family’s garage by Satkin. It was clear in the video that the contents of the box were pretty special and known to Satkin. Satkin kept the box in between the two garbage cans. Just to be sure that prying eyes couldn’t see the goods, he placed a piece of cardboard on top of the hiding place.

Megan Delaney, the mother, was not at home that day. She was able to observe the whole thing live because of the security system installed at her house. When she saw that the parcel had arrived, she thought that the surprise would be ruined for her 4-year-old child. However, when she saw what Satkin was doing, she was pleased. She gave a sigh of relief. Christmas was saved for her child.

The parents posted the video as a gesture to thank the worker for what he did. They also expressed gratitude to the UPS driver next time they saw him. He had no idea about the recording. He was unknown to the fact that he was being seen by someone on television. Nonetheless, he did what he did. He just knew that Christmas is the most important festival of the year and if he didn’t hide the parcel, Christmas would be less special for the child.

The gesture of hiding the gift became much cooler after that. He didn’t do that to be famous or to show the world his good side. He just did it out of compassion for the child. Indeed, it was a great act of god!

A statement from UPS explained that Satkin’s quick thinking is all part of the job. UPS drivers endeavor to do well each and every day. They are trained to dispatch parcels in the most unusual ways possible. They are trained to keep the packages out of sight. Moreover, when it is the time of festivals then they are expected to be more creative than usual.

It is part of their job to keep the holidays special and they are excelling in that. The customers are more than obliged to them for their services.