A Visit To The Heaven Changed Colton Burpo's Life Forever And Turned It Into A Hollywood Movie!!

Life and death, the two truths of life that no one can deny. But one must wonder what would happen once you are dead. Well, that’s a mystery one has to solve on its own. However, what would happen if someday a person would say to you that he has been to Heaven and met Jesus and is still alive. This may sound vaguely possible in imagination but if it has to happen in reality, it has to be nothing less than a miracle. Well, such a miracle happened when a boy named Colton Burpo visited heaven and came back.
Four months after Colton Burpo miraculously survived a life-threatening burst appendix, his parents began to suspect that something rather extraordinary had happened to him.

The first unusual occurrence was when Todd and Sonja returned from the hospital to their home in Nebraska in March 2003 to find a pile of bills.

They baulked at the £14,000 bill from the hospital that had saved the life of their then four-year-old son. But Colton told them they had to pay the surgeon as Jesus had used him to help fix me. Weeks later, when Todd was about to officiate at a funeral, Colton pointed at the coffin and shouted, “He can’t get into Heaven if he didn’t have Jesus in his heart!”

CNN Belief Blog

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