A Wedding Invitation Asking For A Contribution To Honeymoon Fund

However, only a kid shall be free to vent his expressions for a specific thing and if an adult does the same, it would be treated as a vile intention. Besides, asking for a donation to your honeymoon fund is definitely going to raise up the stench. And this is what a couple did. An invitation is a way of requesting one’s presence to your celebration with civility. It often includes the venue, date, and timings. However, a couple also included asking for the wedding gift in their invitation.

They specifically focused on insisting on their friends and family to donate funds for their honeymoon, saying: “If you did want to give a small gift, a small contribution to your honeymoon would be perfect…”

From a FB group I’m in, an actual wedding invite someone received. “You don’t have to give money but if you do, don’t be a cheapskate!” from ChoosingBeggars

For sure, if you elucidate the reasons in such a way, it won’t be accepted with heartiest wishes. Moreover, someone shared this incident on Reddit and people are referring the couple as being ‘trashy’. The post was also inundated with several comments of disgust.

One person wrote: “Who curses in a wedding invitation? Give granny a heart attack.” The second one commented: “Wow. I wouldn’t go to that wedding at all. Those people don’t deserve having others celebrate them.”

The third guy said: “Yikes, going to pass on that gift. Tacky and foul to boot.” whereas someone else said: “Sounds like a lovely couple.” He further continued, saying: “I hope there’ll be poor attendance at the wedding. People like this don’t deserve friends.”

Anyone can wonder what would be the upshot of such an invitation. There’s one thing sure over here. You must not be intended to highlight the gift you want, rather leave it to the guests as to what they like to offer.