A Wedding RSVP Offered Better Food For Better Gift Money

The card clearly mentioned that if the guests wanted to have a good kind of food then they should spend more on the gifts. There were four different categories described in the card- loving gift, silver gift, golden gift, and platinum gift. They were labelled with $250, $251-500, $501-1000, and $1001-2500+ respectively.

The guests were given a deadline before the big day. They were expected to encircle their amount considering the food they wanted to have at the wedding. The reply was asked in advance to get the food prepared before the wedding.

There was a different choice of food for different levels. The first level, loving gift, contains roast chicken or swordfish. Golden gift-givers can either have the above options or could have sliced steak and poached salmon. There was the addition of filet mignon and lobster tails in the diamond gift category or they could have anything from the above list. Only the platinum category has the privilege to dine on either of the above options or 2lb lobster while drinking from a souvenir champagne goblet.

Bigger cash gift = better dinner? from weddingshaming

There were few people supporting this idea by saying that it was a good way to avoid wastage of food and this way the guests were served what they wanted rather than having a common menu for everyone.

Some considered this idea good for charity and not suitable for a wedding. They thought that whatever was written on the card was not showing gratitude towards guests at a wedding. It was more like a charity dinner in which they were attracting donors with good food so that they would contribute more money.

Some of them made fun of the wedding card. They mentioned that everyone should just go and eat 2lb lobster and drink the champagne and gift a $40 toaster instead of $1001 or more dollars. After the wedding, there was not much the couple could do. They came up with this tacky idea which they considered smart. Now, it was time to outsmart them.

Someone else was just in support of having $1 roasted chicken and have the pleasure of their life. According to him, $1 roasted chicken is better than Walmart’s roasted chicken. He was better having those.

There were many times when the couple has insulted guests for their choice of gifts directly or indirectly. Once a bride sent a letter to a guest who has given her a box of sweets at the wedding. She mentioned in the letter that it was better to give money rather than food. She even advised her to give the “envelope” next time.

Maybe mentioning these things was an example of being savage for couples. Nonetheless, it insulted the guests. The whole idea of marriage is to have the blessing and show your gratitude towards the guests. The couple should thank them for coming to the wedding and serve them with good food. Asking for money was indeed a very bad step on behalf of the couples.