A Woman Breaks Down In Tears When A 4-Year-Old Yelled “Black Lives Matter”

Often, we underestimate the power of a child’s brain. You might think that the child is not listening to you or paying attention but he/she is absorbing all the information around him/her. When this kid spoke her mind and yelled “Black lives matter” to a black woman at a store, the woman broke into tears after hearing.

A woman named Sherri was shopping at a depot when she spotted a mother and her daughter out of the corner of her eye. As she was crossing paths with the mom-daughter duo, the daughter suddenly shouted, “Black lives matter!” Upon hearing it, she turned around with tears in her eyes and thanked the little girl.

This was the moment where a new friendship spurted between the woman and the mother of the child, Cassie.

After Sherri thanked the duo and took a picture with them, Cassie noticed that Sherri was wearing a Broncos necklace. She then expressed that she dreamed of being a Bronco’s cheerleader someday. To which Sherri responded that her son DJ Williams used to play for Broncos.

The ladies exchanged their numbers and when they were about to part ways, the little girl then asked Sherri if she would like to come over her place for a sleepover. The lady felt overwhelmed after such a humble request from a little kid. She immediately agreed to her.

The woman then shared her experience with the picture on Instagram detailing everything that happened with her that day. She concluded the post by writing, “Today was a good day. The youth is going to change the world.”

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Today I was at HomeDepot shopping for flowers. I saw this woman and her beautiful daughter come in out the corner of my eye. After I past them, Cam, is her name. She yelled, “Black Lives Matter” I turned around looking for her and told her THANK YOU, WITH TEARS IN MY EYES. I asked her mom If I can take a picture with her. She noticed my Bronco necklace and told me she wants to be a Broncos cheerleader. I told her thank you again for being so kind. She, said “can I ask you a question?” I said, yes. She said, “can you come over for a sleepover” 🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️ I’m going to arrange a play date with her❤️ Today was a good day. THE YOUTH IS GOING TO CHANGE THE WORLD🙏🏾

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When inquired in an interview, the 4-year-old girl said that she said so because some people are being mean to black people.

While on the other hand, Sherri expressed that when she heard the voice, she knew it was someone young but she didn’t exactly know how young. She felt joy when she saw the kid and was delighted to know about parents who teach their children that no matter what race they belong to, every human deserves respect and kindness.

Some days after their brief meeting at the store, Sherri received a phone call from Cassie who informed her that she was organizing a garage sale and wished to donate all the funds to Sherri’s organization, ‘Sherri’s Girls Empowerment International’.

Sherri’s organization is a small non-profit that wants to make big changes in the world and started off by opening a school and daycare center in Naivasha, Kenya, and provided clean drinking water for tribes in Suswa County.

Sherri then revealed that the family donated every penny to her school in Kenya, and all of that happened because of a sweet little girl who recognized that her life matters.