A Woman Is Dating A Rollercoaster And Wants To Have Kids With It

Well, it’s nothing new to hear about someone’s affection for the objects much stronger than they love another person. Gaëlle, 43, from France, finds her love in the objects, particularly, rollercoasters. However, when she came across the Sky Scream in a German theme park, she knew that she longed for something like it. She now revealed that she’s in a relationship with the ride.

She found out her love for objects when she was a teenager and as she grew up to become an adult, she had her interest mostly in rollercoasters. At the age of 38, her love for a German ride had been growing stronger and she also claimed that she shares ‘kids’ with it. It was the Sky Scream at Holiday Park in Hassloch, Rhineland-Palatinate, situated in the southwest of Germany.

Initially, it was her affection for the rollercoasters, but it soon turned out to be a romantic one as well when she saw Sky Scream. And it’s so strong that she calls it her true love. Despite being in a relationship with three men, she never had much comfort even if they were all her serious relationships. “I will not philosophize on these relationships that ruined my life but it was only suffering, physical and moral. The men I dated had a lot of issues with alcohol and it was a very hard time for me,” said Gaëlle.

However, it isn’t the case with Sky Scream because she’s confident that her miseries wouldn’t repeat with the rollercoaster too. But meeting Sky Scream is itself a difficult task. Also, Gaëlle knows that there’s no path beyond the fondness and emotions she has for a lifeless object. Therefore, she has collected several objects that help her remind her about her love. She has several pictures of it and also a pillow printed with its picture, which she hugs every day.

Their meeting is infrequent and Gaëlle has also assimilated the fact that she had never prioritized physical bonding over the romantic feeling she has for anyone, be it a human being or a rollercoaster. Still, there’s definitely a hindrance to their love and several days just pass by without Gaëlle meeting the love of her life. So, keeping objects that help her remember her love is one way to be connected.

Being a painter and a poet, she creates several models works of the rollercoasters and also of the one she loves. It is indeed her inspiration for the artworks, which also enabled her to come up with the newer inventions, whom she calls Sky Scream kids. Gaëlle finally adds: “Since I met the Sky Scream rollercoaster, I understood what Love was with a capital ‘L’.”