A Woman Planned To Give Her Wedding Invitation To Co-Workers As Gift

A Bridezilla on Reddit completely changed the meaning of marriage from a beautiful experience that two human beings share consisting of customs and rituals full of positive vibes to a more materialistic approach. Her wedding was more of a dilemma, flaunting lavish wedding things just to impress other people. The full plot of this has been shared below.

A would-be bride was given the tag of “BRIDEZILLA” on Reddit due to her obsession with inviting a bunch of people to her wedding. She was in such a confused state where she couldn’t decide that what was better: managing their budget or flaunt their invitations among folks. This show-off thing started right from the beginning of the marriage preparations when invitations were out to their “A” list members. This included their family and close relatives who were quite large in number.

Moving on, she stated that some of the work friends had already been invited and she was planning to add more people from work only and only if she received the RSVPs from the already invited ones. The responses from them would be deciding that other people from her workplace were coming or not as she would open the invitations for them too. Contrary to all this, she said that they had a planned budget too. There was surely a conflict going on in her mind, either to preserve the money or preserve the status.

Finally, she came to a solution that she would be sending a “white elephant” as an invitation gift to their guests for the wedding. Her only motive was to attract as many individuals to her wedding as possible. This would also help her with brandishing her wedding invitations. She probably considered it a cute way of making the guests special.

When this content was posted by her on Reddit, it literally made people mock her and the obsession she had for the wedding. In response to her post, people called this bride-to-be completely nuts as she had a highly unrealistic approach towards the whole thing. Folks even compared her to Beyonce or other celebrity ironically.

They commented that it’s not just an invitation but a trade of elephants that would happen as soon as the guests would receive the invitation. This was because of the unnecessarily expensive gift she was thinking of presenting to them. Her guests would put the White elephants on sale and earn a handsome amount of money. This would not benefit her in any sense. People kept on further commenting on this hilarious situation by stating that she was the only one so much excited about her wedding.

One of the genuine thoughts of the situation where this nutty bride-to-be had to go through these heart-breaking comments was that she must ignore the inappropriate language while considering the actual content as people were right about this.

According to the person, such kind of stuff only suited the “Royal Weddings” or “Wedding of a Celebrity” and neither was this wedding royal nor she was any celebrity. Despite this opinion, people kept on mocking her and were curious to know about the repercussions of this so-called expensive wedding.