A Woman’s Life Was Saved By A Neighbor’s Cat As It Alerts The Owner Of The Adversity

Animal lover or not, we all know that animals share equal importance on our planet. The ones who have pets know how amazing animals are and humans fail when it comes to the instincts part. Their senses are mind-blowing and sometimes they save lives. Fran Swayze’s cat proved this right with one miraculous action!

Bandit, the kitty of Fran Swayze has become the hero for the Buena Vista Seniors Community in Cleburne, Texas after he saved a woman’s life and we completely agree with the title the cat received! You will too after knowing what he did!

Bandit was adopted by Fran from a no-kill shelter so that she has company at her home always. But Bandit proved to be more than just a friendly companion for Fran. Bandit was a curious cat and liked going outside to explore the surrounding. Fran was understanding about this and even took him out for evening walk herself.

Bandit was usually very calm after he had got his daily dose of the outside world but he behaved quite unusual on this particular day. Fran was sitting with her daughter in the living room when Bandit suddenly got up and ran towards the door. It was strange for Fran to see him do this as Bandit would stay peaceful after he had his daily walk, unlike that day. Fran’s first reaction was to ignore him but when Bandit started making loud noises, she got worried.

Attempts at calming Bandit down were all futile as her loud meows continued as he sat close to the door. When there was no other option left, Fran unlocked the door and the cat hurried out the door in the blink of an eye. Fran was so confused about all this but all her questions were going to be answered in the next few minutes.

It was definitely hard for her to follow Bandit as his speed could not be matched. As he got to the opposite of the hallway, Fran noticed him looking intensely at something a little far away in the garden. Fran was sure that something was not right and identified the direction in which the cat was staring, to know what the issue was.

It didn’t take long for Fran to observe that there was something present on the grass in that direction. But it wasn’t really “something” after all! When Fran gave a closer look into the darkness, she realized that someone was lying in the grass. Fran did not think twice before taking immediate action. Both Fran and her daughter moved quickly and found an elderly neighbor of Fran’s in an unconscious state in the park. Her dog was standing right beside her and kept making some sounds.

Fran recognized her as Mary Baker. She knew Mary needed medical attention right away as she had fallen due to a low blood sugar level in her body and hence, called an ambulance. But Mary refused and so, Fran took her home to help her regain some strength.

After this whole incident, Mary and Fran have become really good friends. There was not a single person who did not know about Bandit and his great deed. He even got a lot of attention on the internet after the story went viral. He has received all kinds of sweet titles like “Man’s Best Friend”, “The hero of Buena Vista” and many more.

We never realize but animals have the power to do what we might not be able to accomplish! They truly are amazing gifts of nature.