‘Aerodynamics’ Pushed A Man To Attempt To Board His Flight Uncovered

Some people are bestowed with great intelligence in our vibrant world. Queer and terrific ideas keep stalking these genius minds. They try to break the ceiling of established dogmatic beliefs every now and then. But the recent incident at one of the airports in Moscow pushed that boundary. An unclothed man tried to board his flight citing it to be more aerodynamic.

The stunning matter blew up at Domodedovo Airport of Moscow. Everything went in a smooth manner at the security checks. The alleged Moscow resident was fully dressed then. He peacefully complied with the security officials and proceeded ahead after that. But before passing through the boarding gates, he stripped his clothes off. Going ahead in a bare state, he stood in the queue to board his Ural airline flight to Crimea. Footage recovered from the CCTV camera has cleared the air and captured him standing unclad in the queue.

But to his dismay, the airport officials noticed him in that obnoxious state. They stopped him at once and impeded him from boarding the flight in that way. When inquired about the rationale behind his strange attempt, he dragged in the ‘aerodynamics’ facts. According to him, clothing impairs the aerodynamics of the body and he flew with more agility when undressed. The bewildered officials present there detained him in a medical room. Another retrieved footage showed that man to be sitting on the floor with his hands in handcuffs.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia had confirmed the news. It also asserted that he was then taken to the hospital for his medical examination. On the other hand, the airport, as well as airline authorities, did not come up for their comments. The spectators present on the scene claimed that the man was not under the influence of alcohol. Albeit he was shouting wildly while asserting the logic of aerodynamics with all his might. They were taken aback to see that bare creature.

Peculiar plots like this are common to find around us nowadays. Souls go out of the box to define their terms and logic. But one should be wise enough before embarking on this treacherous trail. They ought to know when to step in and when to back off. Sagacity and audacity need to go hand in hand to entail better and favorable outcomes.