After A Career Low Point, Pop star Expends £8k On Cosmetic Surgery And It Was A Life Changing Experience For Him

Ian Starr Kalatzis is a 28-year-old popstar from Australia who has undergone quite a lot of surgeries to change his physical appearance, with focus on his face. His transformation began after he went through a low point in his career in 2009 when he left the band Boystar. He wanted to pursue songwriting as he was passionate about that. But it was not an easy path to follow!

Ian decided to get some changes in his face and to accomplish this, he took a flight to the United States. He underwent two major surgeries there including a nose job and cheek implants. This whole procedure came at a price of £3,860. That’s a lot, right? However, Ian had not received that satisfaction that he was craving. So, the next course of action for him was to go under the knife for some “extreme” changes without burning a hole in his pocket. Imagine getting these two things at the same time!

Ian did not give up. He did thorough research on cosmetic surgeries and surgeons all around the world and finally found what he was looking for. Dr. Farshid Mahboubirad from Iran came to his rescue, the one who had previously worked with Human Ken Doll’ Rodrigo Alves.

Things were looking good to Ian from there and it took them three years to finalize the look Ian wanted. It was 2015, the year of transformation for Ian. He was in Iran for the final step that involved brow lift, Botox and chin implant. Apart from these, he also got a surgical mesh on either side of his chin and some fat transfer from mouth to his cheeks.

Can you imagine the cost of all this? No, it wasn’t that high! His total bill was £3,310 (yes, less than his earlier “small” cosmetic surgery) and what’s even amazing is that Ian was satisfied.

We all know going through these plastic surgeries is not as easy as it sounds and in no way “glamorous”. In Ian’s words, “I’ll admit – the surgery was pretty brutal and the recovery was painful, so I spent two weeks in care in Iran and another few months at home just resting.”


Ian looked really different after all those cosmetic procedures and it was expected but he did not imagine that people from his past would not recognize him anymore. Something strange happened to him when he was back to his normal routine and life after the transformation. He met his ex-boyfriend in a very random way and he had no idea about who he was as he started flirting with Ian. Ian said, “I told him no straight away and he seemed confused – as he had no idea who he was asking out!”

Ian is now happy and content with his life as his career as a songwriter has been rising. The music composed by him was included in the popular Netflix movie “The Kissing Booth”. That’s not it! Australian Eurovision even shortlisted it in the entries. We can’t even express the feeling Ian would have felt! He is proud and happy to have taken this step in his life.