After Being Cheated, Heartbroken Woman Planned To Make Her Ex Cry

Miss Zhao was in a relationship with her boyfriend for a year and was left completely heart broken when she found out that her boyfriend had been cheating on her. Their separation was hard for her and she spent almost three full days crying over her lost love.

Her tears dried up when she came to know from some of their mutual friends that her ex-boyfriend was doing just fine and was not at all upset about the breakup. It was then that she decided to teach him a very important lesson.

Miss Zhao sent a large lorry to her ex-boyfriend’s address along with a note which read, “I’ve cried for three days, now it’s your turn.” What probably would she have sent to her ex-boyfriend in a truck that would make him cry? The huge truck was apparently filled with one ton of onions, which Miss Zhao thought would do the work to make him cry. As reported by the Daily Mail, as soon as the truck arrived at her ex-boyfriend’s home at Shandong, China, it was captured and put on social media.

Miss Zhao sent strict instructions on a label, with the onions, that the delivery man was not to contact the recipient and just ‘dump the onions at the front door’. It was unfortunate for the boyfriend as the poor driver did as he was told and spent almost more than four hours shifting the red onions from his truck to her ex-boyfriend’s front door.


Miss Zhao explained the reason behind sending onions to her ex-boyfriend’s house to make him cry. She said that she had money and also wanted to take revenge and let him know what tears taste like as she had been crying for three full days over their splitting apart.

The ex-boyfriend, who was pranked with a ton of onions, revealed that the reason why he broke up with Miss Zhao was her over-the-top behavior. He said that she was very dramatic. He added that she continued to tell everyone that he hasn’t shed a single tear since their breakup. He asked the viewers that whether he was a bad person for simply not crying.

A neighbor, who lived in the same complex as the ex-boyfriend, complained to the reporters that he didn’t know whether the boyfriend cried or not, but he definitely cried. The reason behind his tears was the awful stink of the onions which had spread in the whole compound.