After Spending Millions, 18-Year-Old Turns Her C-Cups To G-Cups With A 16-Inch Waist

According to her, “I don’t believe in a natural look. I think there is hardly anything natural today.”

“I spend three and a half hours every day getting ready. This lifestyle isn’t easy at all. Maintaining my image is difficult in all its aspects, financially, physically and mentally too.”


Have a look what all she did to be a human Barbie doll:

From eyes to toe, everything is artificial, eyelashes, hair highlights, lip liners, artificial nails, eyebrow micro blogging and permanent make- ups, nothing is natural!


She is going for rib removal and an extensive b00b job. She also plans to get butt implants.

Her mother supports her in her way of life. While she herself pays for the surgeries, it is unknown about the health complications which may occur later.


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