After The Guy Screwed Up On Date, He Had The Audacity To Ask For A Refund

Dating is fun but unfortunately bad dates are inevitable if you are meeting new people. This man just made it difficult for people to go on dates and try to find a decent human being.

For the people who are out there searching love of their lives, beware of this man who asks for a refund if your date doesn’t turn out into something else. It’s tough to get to know someone in first few dates and it’s exciting to know someone from the scratch.

However, Lauren Crouch is one person who has been through horror of one of those worst dates you don’t want to come across ever. This lady from North London started her blog telling all her experiences related to her dating life.

This dating writer has unique stories to tell and one of the most bizarre ones is where the guy asked for refund because she didn’t feel like going on a date with this man. The man met her through Tinder and asked her if she’d like to go on a date at Costa Coffee which she considers total wastage of eyeliner.

25 minutes into the date, the man asked her if she’d like to go back to his place so that he could cook for her and also he had a food delivery arriving early. Lauren wasn’t comfortable going back to someone’s place who she’d met just a few minutes ago. After all the convincing move was over, Lauren still didn’t agree to his proposal of fresh veggies and fish. The man then said that he’d have to leave as it was time for delivery.

The way date had ended, Lauren didn’t expect him to call or text her back. However, the things were different, he texted her back while she was on her way to home. He asked her if she’d like to meet again and Lauren was obviously not interested in a guy who left the date within 30 minutes just because he had food delivery waiting for him and she directly refused.

he guy didn’t stop there and again tried to bribe her with his cooking skills. However, the lady was adamant as she didn’t feel the spark between the two and as a believer of romance she believed on her gut instinct completely.

The next message from the guy’s side totally blew her mind. The guy had the audacity to ask for the money he paid for her coffee. Why? Because he doesn’t like to waste money and would want to use that for a date with someone else.

Well, she had a perfect reply for him and she didn’t refuse to payback. She instead said that he should tell his choice of charity and she would bump up the £3.5 to £5 and add his bus journey as well and donate the money there.

We think it was a quite generous offer but the guy was still not backing out and he sent his account details for her to transfer the money. Well, the money was still not going in his account.

While talking about the incident she said, “It made me feel like I’d made the right call not to see him again. If anything, it confirmed that I was a good judge of character.” She didn’t have a problem that he asked for her share of money, the issue here is that he asked for it only after she rejected him. In short, he couldn’t tolerate the rejection.