Age-Defying Influencer Regularly Mistaken For Guy In His Twenties

Edson Brandon was working as an influencer, a personal coach and a writer. People were really impressed and shocked with his good genetics and youthful appearance. His age was always considered to be around 20s or in early 30s. To everyone’s surprise, he never went for any kind of plastic surgery. Instead, he managed his diet and skin care in a very appropriate and organized manner. Even at the age of 53, he felt quite energetic and was able to manage his day-to-day activities in quite an easy way.

Treating his body as a temple, he made a pact to avoid any kinds of sugar and processed and fried foods. In addition, he never smoked and never had any drug intake. In addition to this, his schedule involved drinking two liters of mineral water every day. During an interview, he expressed the lack of any difference in his way of treating himself at the age of 20 and 53. Not only this, he underwent a phase of improvement in his own self by following a healthy lifestyle. He found it really amusing that people confuse him with a random guy from his twenties.

It made him feel good whenever he discovered about other people’s overwhelmed response to his young appearance. This motivated him to inspire the people by sharing information about his healthy practices publicly. While sharing these, he highlighted the importance of positive thinking in life. According to him, positive thinking radiates a good energy for your body and mind. Moving on, he shared his diet which comprised of: fresh fruit smoothie, almond milk, cereal and homemade vegan pancakes for breakfast; grilled white fish for lunch and salmon with mushroom, tomatoes and brown rice or sweet potato for dinner.

He shared his healthy lifestyle on his Instagram account @edonsecrets. In addition to this, he documented it in his book, titled “Young After 40”. The book contained tips provided him to stay youthful and happy. He considered himself as an evidence for people to make them believe that, “a human being can stay and feel young even as you get older”. He expressed his happiness about being an inspiration for other people. He went on saying beautiful things about life such as how important is one’s acceptance and love for oneself.

He stressed on the need to create a daily routine comprising of healthy practices such as exercise, drinking water and skin care. He insisted people to always consider the bright side of everything and counting your blessings. Thus, these were the secrets to enjoy an everlasting youth.