Airbrushing Of School Photographs Enraged A Mother

School photographs are great investments in the chest of memories. They capture the change in environment with different phases of an individual’s life. These snaps say a lot about the course of one’s life. Thus, souls love to have their school day photographs represent their real yet awful side. But with the advent of technology, this part of human life has also faced its strong gyration. Many schools are roping in professionals to offer a plethora of effects to cleanse the school day photographs. But a mother named Sam Walker could not have that trend to make waves any more.

Sam migrated to Arizona (U.S.) from her native land (U.K.) with her family. Her two daughters landed up in the beautiful land with their mother to live a sparkling life. One day, the eight-year-old girl came back home bubbling with the news of her school photo day. Her mother armed herself with the details of the day. Then she came across the price list of the photograph.

While going through the detailed elements, she caught up some new components. They were “Premium Retouching” and “Basic Retouching”! Their presence made her lose out on her nerves.

The “Basic Retouching” service offered to remove blemishes. On the other hand, “Premium Retouching” expanded that gamut by offering “Basic plus whitens teeth and even skin tone”. That enraged her to a great length. Sam could not make any sense of their salience for a school day photograph. It was levying a hefty burden on poor parents.

So she decided to pour out her anger by exposing the new ridiculous school day photograph trend through her twitter handle. Taking on that part, she wrote, “There are two levels offered!! What the….?! Have complained! What eight-year-old needs to be paranoid about an ‘uneven skin tone’.”

After grabbing the bits and parts of her tweet, many parents came up to join in her movement against the trending preposterous airbrushing element for the school day photograph.

One of them supported her move and said, “That is genuinely shocking. I mean seriously. With the mental health crisis kids are facing they don’t need this kind of message. I love the fact my kids’ school pictures are generally awful. Isn’t that the whole point?” Another patron exclaimed it to be a horrific thing. The soul further inquired if a school was condoning that by using the company.

One parent came up to share their part of the story. The soul shared that their daughter’s school edited her photo without their permission. They had got their daughter’s school photo back when she had been 6. She had been airbrushed and she had looked like she had makeup on.

The tweet became a big hit and managed to garner 2,700 retweets and more than 11,000 likes.

Thus, the tweet of the mother had managed to bring the worrisome matters in school life of present generation to the fore. Hopefully, school authorities across the world would have got enough words to coerce them to rethink their school day photograph move.