Alleged Groping Incident By Tennessee Patrol Officer Took A Turn After The Dash Cam Footage Got Released.

Wilson shares that Lloyd asked her to lean over his cruiser, which further allowed him to search her shorts and groped her buttocks and genital area. One cannot deny the fact that while he was busy being inconsistent with his training, he kept probing whether she consumed any sort of drug. And she denied every time. “No, I do not drugs, no nothing, swear to God,” she told him. However, she deemed it fit to disclose that at times she do takes ambient and too only for sleeping purposes. In response, Lloyd decided to conduct her field sobriety tests.


Later, Wilson was rewarded with a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt.

It did not seem to end even here as just three hours later Wilson was again approached by the same person. Though the reason was bit different this time. Apparently, this time the Wilson’s dark tinted car windows had turned the situation troublesome. Lloyd even clarified, “We have to stop meeting like this.” But this did not changed Wilson’s viewpoint, as she alleged Lloyd of misusing his authority for harassing her every then and now.


After looking at the dash cam footage, the Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) decided to acquit the officer of criminal charges. Explaining this in a statement:

“After careful consideration and review, the Tennessee Highway Patrol Command Staff has advised me that Trooper Isaiah Lloyd conducted this traffic stop in a professional manner in an effort to protect the motoring public.”


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