An Adoption Ceremony Of A Boy Festooned With 18 Kindergartners

A boy named Michael Clark Jr. made way to his foster family with David Eaton and Andréa Melvin as his parents. To grace the occasion for the 5-year-old boy, his kindergarten class also joined the family for the courtroom ceremony. Michael felt over the moon to see his class cheering him up. The Judge also got stunned.

Adoption is one of the noblest deeds on Earth. It fills the life of the homeless little nuggets and the foster parents with joy. But the only a handful of the souls have the courage to put down the stigmas and embrace the little nuggets with love and care. One of these souls is couple- Andrea Melvin and David Eaton.

Andrea and David were all up to add a little member to their family. They thought adoption to be the way to their satiation. Thus, they started looking for ones who needed their love and care. Finally, their efforts paid off when they received intimation about a boy named Michael Clark Jr. in August 2018. They, at once, agreed to bring him in their family. With days passing away, the bond between the couple and the boy became stronger.

The couple ended up falling in love with him. That nudged them to take their relationship to the legal terms. The couple applied for the adoption process. After a long wait of months, they managed to grab a date for the ceremony.

Bubbling with joy and relief, Andrea thought to invite the family of Michael- his kindergarten class to the ceremony. She thought of making it special with their love and support. Thus, she contacted his teacher Kerry McKee and shared her plan with her. To her delight, Kerry was up for it.

But the preparations did not go smoothly. Kerry had to toil to make the arrangements for 18 nuggets to make their way to the courtroom. After working on it for days, they managed to secure permission for their entry in the courtroom. But all was not up for the day yet. The transportation aspect of the plan was not in the book. Kerry did try to make it at the eleventh hour.

To ease out the things, many parents turned up. But the garage manager told her that it would take two weeks to “process a request”. That almost shattered the plans of the adoption ceremony.

But to their delight, the driver appeared as their savior on the scene. He inquired about their request. After getting its emotional bits, he ended up offering his services for the day for free. Therefore, the plan shone the brightest at the last moment.

Finally, after the streaks of efforts, the 18 kindergarteners with their teacher reached the courtroom in full pomp and show. Michael sprang up with joy on seeing them there. After some greetings, the 5-year-old boy with his parents appeared before the Judge Patricia Gardner. Well, he was not alone to get a family. Some 37 children in total lived their dream moment and embraced their parents in Kent County’s 23rd annual adoption in Grand Rapids.

After the formalities, they signed the documents and added Michael on the list of their family members. To celebrate the moment, the 18 guests put up their handmade hearts in the air.

The Judge got touched to see the lovely moment.

Hence the family went home with happy hearts and legal title of being a family.