Armpit Tattoos Are The New ‘It’ Thing Of Instagram And They Are All Kinds Of Beautiful!

Tattoos are definitely not for the faint of heart, but a growing number of brave souls have been getting inked in places that has some people thinking “what was he thinking?” while others are smelling “bravery.” Armpits are certainly one of those places. Most of us only pay attention to them while putting on some deodorant or in some cases while shaving in the shower. However, some people have maybe gone a little too far and are now using this space as a canvas for tattoos. And honestly, armpit tats aren’t exactly an entirely new concept. Few designs on social media seem to be rib-cage tats that merely extend upward into the armpit region, and it’s not unusual for someone who opts for ink sleeves to extend the ink toward their underarm. But now, the fold of skin is being used as its own centerpiece.

These tattoos have been popping up all over Instagram, leaving some folks cringing with second-hand pain and others feeling inspired.

Some of the creative underarm designs we’ve seen include flowers, spider webs and even sharks. A search of the hashtag “#armpit tattoos” on Instagram yields more than 7,000 interesting and inspiring results.

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