Armpit Tattoos Are The New ‘It’ Thing Of Instagram And They Are All Kinds Of Beautiful!

Some tattoo artists claim that the area can be one of the most sensitive and painful areas of the body to ink.

Yet, it seems that intricate floral designs are particularly popular when it comes to underarm ink. But some have chosen other scenes from nature as well, like spiderwebs, birds, and even strawberries. And, hey! If you’re looking for subtlety, hiding a tattoo right under your arm might be the perfect spot.

While the subjects of the photos are clearly pleased with the result, they admit that the process wasn’t exactly relaxing.

One woman who had a burnt orange flower design captioned her photo,”Oh oh ohhhh so much pain, but worth it!” While once upon a time, tattoos were used just to decorate the body and protect it from evil spirits, these days people are using them to express themselves. As a symbol of their freedom and it’s not only inspiring but also quite empowering.


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