Assistant Professor Joined Boy With Autism On Concrete Floor

When you head anything in life having an interest in the thing is important but other than that compassion and patience are also very important. Especially when you are dealing with children. Assistant Principal of one school showed us the same when he dropped down on the concrete to help a child with autism.

How one principle should be that is full of patience, empathy and compassion was witnessed recently in a school in Ohio. The pictures of the assistant principal went viral and all for the right reasons. It was dispersal time for the students of Garfield Elementary School in Marion, Ohio, and children were ready to head home.

During the time an issue occurred due to which the buses were delayed. 8-year-old youngster LJ is a student of third grade who has Down Syndrome and autism was feeling low and tired because of his school schedule. Though he is an active and bubbly child who is always laughing, that day he was feeling low.

He was so exhausted with his routine that he lay down in front of the school in the school parking lot on the concrete. The newly appointed assistant principal Mr. Smith came to know about that and immediately went to the sidewalk where LJ was lying down exhausted.

Smith dropped down to LJ’s level and lay down with him on the concrete until LJ was feeling okay. He comforted him and very patiently waited for him there. Another teacher from the school snapped the pictures of the whole scenario and sent them to LJ’s mother.

I absolutely LOVE this… LJ’s school has a new assistant principal this year… Mr. Smith… apparently LJ was having a…

Posted by Steph Compton on Thursday, September 5, 2019

LJ’s mother later posted the pictures online on her Facebook account and they went viral very quickly. Everyone is so impressed by the new assistant principal and commented that how that small gesture helped the kid in so many ways. Especially the parents were happy and satisfied that the schools have teachers and administrators who care deeply about the students.

LJ’s mother shared in an interview that, “It’s really awesome to know from a parent’s standpoint, that there are people that care that much about your child. To get down on the ground, and lay on the ground with them to make sure that they’re alright.”

Children with Down Syndrome and autism have their personality and nature. Some kids are like LJ always chirpy, bubbly and laughing, but once in a while, they all have a day when they feel exhausted. One has to have patience and needs to handle them very carefully.