[ATTENTION]: Teens Are Up With A New Frightening Eraser Challenge, Which Has Painful Consequences!

Rules are simple and easy, but not the real experience.

You just need to rub the eraser on your skin while reciting an alphabet. In the mean time, you will forget to observe the rashes, blisters or even the wide-open red scary wounds onto the skin.


It all started through social media.

The challenge got attention when social media sites were out flowing with the similar stories with the pictures showing the bloody scars. And it is very much clear from the picture that this was done for the sake of attention and popularity.


No appraisal could be demanded for such senseless self-harm activity.

Boredom or peer pressure could not be blamed alone. Kids are very smart to give it a logical taste by the name of boredom or pressure from peers. For sure, this act cannot be appraised of, come what may!


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