Awesome Parents Show Their Respect For Their Kid's Sexuality In The Most Amazing Way This Pride Month!

Equality has always been an issue but the most troublesome of all is the fight for identity and recognition in the society that the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people have to do. Though times have changed and they continue to do so, there still exists a stigma that considers them unworthy, let alone at par, of being with us. But is it really like this? How are they different? Is this some kind of a disease? We don’t think so; they are as normal as any other person. And degrading what one truly is is never the solution to anything. It will only provoke the negativity which is available in bulk. So, why not walk towards the positivism and June the “Pride” month is that positive stance against the discrimination toward the LGBT people.
Not only the people but their parents are also coming out to openly express their unconditional love for them, the way they are. Check out the awesome parents who have been extremely understanding and supportive and showering their kids with love in this year’s pride month.

#1 The all-for-one and one-for-all happy go lucky family.

This mom wants nothing but love for her “(single) gay son” like any other parent who just wants happiness for their kiddo.


#2 Equality is a right that does not discriminate.

“I had an amazing day today marching with my child! We were inspired by all of the support! We can not rest until everyone is accepted for who they are!” says Tara Faupel who stands by her son’s side no matter what.


#3 Love is love.

“My awesome son with my husband at our first march. What a wonderful day to share with him,” says a proud mother Ashley Leonard.


#4 Family comes first, distance last.

This mother-son duo drove all the way from Indiana to D.C. for their first Pride together.


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