Awesome Parents Show Their Respect For Their Kid's Sexuality In The Most Amazing Way This Pride Month!

#5 Mother wishing a fairy-tale ending for her son like others.

“Love is love and a mother can only pray that her child finds the same kind of happiness his parents have,” captions the mom.


#6 You don’t need to be one to support one.

Three generations of women came out to show their support during the recent Equality March for Unity and Pride held in Washington D.C. And their enthusiasm is an inspiration to all.


#7 We need more moms like this standing up for transgender youth.

Parental love must not be averse to who their child is and this mom is giving out that message in the harmonious way possible.


#8 Mama Bear follows wherever her cub goes!

This mother can’t help but show her support for her fabulous kid in the celebratory pride walk and she couldn’t be any more proud.


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