This woman screams when they put a baby in her arms- the reason will make you cry.

While most couples go for adoption because they need one more child and don’t want to go through the painful pregnancy procedure all over again, there are others who opt for adoption because they are kind enough to give an orphan a family and a home, something which these little angels won’t come to terms with otherwise. But there are some who are not as lucky as the others, and for them the only means of having a baby is adopting one.

For over three months now, the internet has been swooning over this video that captures the reaction of a lady when they put a new-born baby in her arms. This is the story of an Air Force couple who, unable to conceive on their own, resorted to the lengthy procedure of adoption. They told the man’s parents that they would come and visit while they wait for the paperwork to be done. One fine day the team knocks on the door, with a new-born baby in their arms… pleasant surprise intended. But as soon as the man’s mom saw them with the baby, she instantly broke into a fit of sorts of screams and tears. No doubt, it’s one hell of a story that would make millions of people jump— just like the lady.

Exciting will be an understatement! Watch the video below, and don’t forget to share.