Back To School Senior Portraits With Oklahoma Nursing Home Residents

While in school we eagerly wait to get over with this phase of life so that we can move to the new phases of our lives. But school life is the most precious phase of our lives. While millions are heading back to schools and are forming a new batch, one batch is especially celebrating their reunion.

A nursing home in Oklahoma City helped their students to recreate their school lives again with the “back to school” theme. It is true if we plan for 2-3 years you still know that you will live and you stay positive. Whatever your age maybe if you stay busy and plan nobody can stop you from having a healthy and happy life.

That is exactly what the students of Oklahoma nursing home did, they made portraits in which they gave details of what they did in their graduation year and what are their plans for the next one to two years. Yes, it has indeed been decades that these students sat behind a desk, but they were still very optimistic about what their future holds for them.

Village on the Park posted the pictures of the batch with their portraits and gave it a beautiful caption which was as “Everyone is posting ‘First Day of School’ pictures and Village on the Park wanted to be part of the fun! These beautiful ‘Seniors’ are living their BEST life and we can learn from their wisdom every day!” on their Facebook page.

Everyone is posting "First Day of School" pictures and Village on the Park wanted to be part of the fun! These…

Posted by Village on the Park – Oklahoma City on Friday, August 16, 2019

The page wanted to convey the message of being optimistic and going on with your lives. Every portrait had a different plan for the future years and each of them was very heart touching. The goals and plans ranged from ‘riding a horse’ to ‘staying alive’. Some of the goals were like ‘being a blessing to others’, ‘remember the names of the friends’ and ‘create an impact’.

It is true that even after living for 80-90 years there are always dreams and wishes that one wants to complete. The bucket list is never-ending and that is exactly how it should be. One should not leave the hope of living a happy and healthy life. If you leave the hope of living and blame others for your miseries, you start living a false life.

The facts to live a healthy and long life is simple and they include planning at least for 3-4 years ahead so that one has a purpose, laughing as much as possible, eat healthy and less as you become older, never sit idle always stay occupied and always staying positive. Every goal and plan shared by the resident proved that one should never stop dreaming.

Since the post was shared it received a lot of attention and many want to contribute so that they can help all the residents achieve their goals. People can indeed help just by writing them letters and speaking to them. A little communication even from a stranger is helpful and motivating. Everybody is caught up in raising their children and forget who raised them. People can write letters to the address given below with the resident’s first name.

1515 Kingsridge Dr.
Oklahoma City,
Ok 73170