Bearded Woman Believed She Won’t Get Married, Got Her Dream Wedding

Weddings are made in heaven. It seems to be true for so many souls. But for Little Bear, it was more than that. The woman has excessive growth of hair on her body as she suffers from polycystic syndrome since the age of 14. So she thought that she would never get married but Facebook paved the way.

The ‘hairy’ phase of her life started when she hit upon the age of 14. Her body witnessed some drastic changes due to puberty. But those changes were grave in her case as compared to her other counterparts. She got excessive hair on her upper lip, chest and face. To conceal that obnoxious change in her body from the world, she resorted to raze off her hair every day. Then she used to cover the rashes she got from razing with makeup.

But things changed for her when she moved out of her house (Florida) to settle down with her then-boyfriend in Seattle in 2013. After moving in there, she decided to let her hair come out freely. She embraced it as an inseparable part of her life. She even went ahead to participate in a competition named as Whiskerians which was for women with beards. To her delight, she ended up winning the competition in 2014 and joined a sideshow called Wreckless Freeks. She enjoyed it to the full and toured around for four years.

But the woman was completely unaware of the approaching tempest that was soon going to rock her personal life. Her boyfriend broke up with her in 2016 and moved out of their home. The fears of dying as an unmarried woman loomed in her mind. Giving up all hope one day, she took to her Facebook page. She could not hold herself back from spilling out her fears there.


Then a man named Tobias responded and dropped a comment for her. That moment changed their lives forever. Although Little Bear had met him before in 2016, the comment marked the beginning of their relationship. They celebrated their first date at a Vietnamese restaurant in Seattle in 2017. After that there was no looking back for the couple. Tobias had moved out of his previous marriage and got engaged with Little Bear.

The stark fact of their relationship is that Tobias is a Satanist and Little Bear is a Christian. Despite that big difference, the duo gelled in perfectly with each other. Little Bear moved to Tacoma to live with him.

Finally, Tobias popped up the golden proposal. The couple eventually tied the knot on 24th February 2019 in Veterans of Foreign Wars Club in Tacoma. Some 40 guests witnessed the golden moment of 36-year-old bride and 45-year-old groom.