Beloved Shirts' "Sexy Chest" Swim Suit Is The Most Bizarre Thing On The Internet Today

We see all kinds of bizarre things on the internet these days. ¬†The virtual reality we live in is a strange, strange place. And apparently, so are the beaches, all thanks to the “hairy chest” swimsuit, a rather unusual and not-so-sexy take on a complete summer essential. It is not only baffling but almost offending the Internet. It’s coming to the rescue of all those women with low self-esteem who wish they had someone else’s body every time they adorn a swimsuit.

An enterprising company came up with this one-piece suit which was created by Beloved Shirts.

It is officially called the Sexy Chest One Piece Swimsuit and just features an incredibly realistic screenprint of a chest, torso, and back. Hilarious! Right? It comes in three different shades to match all skin tones i.e natural, tan, and dark. Available in six different sizes, it not only is affordable at just $44.95 but is also quite empowering for women.


The problem? It’s a man’s physique.

Yep. When worn, the “sexy” chest swimsuit gives the appearance that the individual is naked and flaunting a dude’s body. It is especially jarring for the onlookers, as the bathing suit style is typically reserved for women. But Beloved Shirts seems to be of a different opinion. These people are certainly breaking stereotypes and proving that it can and probably should TBH be worn by men.


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