Beloved Shirts' "Sexy Chest" Swim Suit Is The Most Bizarre Thing On The Internet Today

The idea behind designing this head-turning swimsuit was to “make ’em say WTF,” according to its Instagram, and it seems they are succeeding big time.

The realistically hairy design has elicited strong and rather unusual reactions, to put it lightly. People are going around scaring the crap out of their loved ones by wearing this gross swimsuit. Recently, a mother took it upon herself and pranked her kids by wearing the bold suit as they screamed in horror. Twitter appears to be equally appalled by the design.

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“No, we’re absolutely not doing this,” wrote one user, with a picture of the hairy swimsuit.

“WHOOOO would NEED this?” wrote another. Other responses include: “I want to delete this image from my brain,” “that’s disturbing,” “this is why God doesn’t talk to us anymore,” “I’m disgusted,” and various expletives. But unfortunately, the chest hair trend in clothing doesn’t stop with this swimsuit. Beloved Shirts also offers a Sexy Chest Tracksuit, which is a full-body sweatsuit rendition of the bathing suit. I think it would make a perfect Halloween outfit?


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