Health Benefits of Spices you Probably Didn't Know

Sweet, spicy or any other taste, food continues to be man’s biggest weakness. As long as the food is tasty, it serves to bring happiness and contentment to all mankind.
Here at Viral plots, let us give you an insight of the pros of having spices in your food.
From chillies, to nutmeg, to cinnamon to herbs – they are all spices.
So let’s go down the spices lane and see what great benefits they tend to bring in your life, right there…from your kitchen shelf. Motivating isn’t it?

Let’s get to know more about what spices are –

Spices are pretty much various parts of a plant, like being their fruit, berry, bark, seed, floret or bud. They have been studied, identified and researched for several hundred years to identify which part of a tree or plant has that specific taste and aroma  to earn the reputation of being a spice. Regardless, spices provide an intense flavor and aroma making food even more appetizing.
From giving food a sweet flavour, to giving an aroma, to simply adding some ‘spice’ and a new zing to the food being consumed, spices come in all shapes and sizes. Some are used in sweet nothings while others are used in savory dishes, but you will even find spices that fit well in both the categories.
So, how do we choose spices?
If you refer to ancient literature, you will notice that our ancestors have used spices not just for flavor but for much more. As many spices have antimicrobial qualities which mean they have the potential spicing up food, but also due to the in-numerous medicinal benefits they have. Spices have anti inflammatory and anti microbial properties that aid n killing micro organisms. They have been used by many naturopathy practitioners in medicines for curing a  matrix of ailments.
So get those pains and aches out of your system …let’s see how!!

1] Increases your metabolic rate

Certain oils and other components in spices are known to spike up the metabolic rate, for examples, Capsaicin present in cayenne and few chillies, increase the metabolic rate in body by increasing the amount of heat in your body, which in accelerates the fat burning engine in the body.
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2] Helps decrease the intake of sodium

By including spices like chillies, Cloves or parsley, in your daily food, the need to add more salt and associated sodium in your food decreases. While salt is a very necessary component of our food. even slightly higher quantities can lead to sever health issues.
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