Bloke Found Medieval Ring Worth Up To £35,000 With Metal Detector

Mark Thompson said, “As a child, it was my passion to collect coins which lead him to buy a metal detector and with time it became his passion”. He stated,” I was in the field with the group called ‘Find A Field’ in May 2016, my detector started beeping in the just outside Sherwood Forest”. “It was like the stories of Robinhood was proving itself real.”

Mark said, “Usually when the metal detector beeps, they don’t find anything special. He couldn’t believe his eyes when it first rests on the ring. It was a ring of gold with a sapphire stone”.

However beautiful it may seem; Mark didn’t realize its worth. His friend tried to find anything else related nearby but they were unable to find any other thing related.

“We evaluated its cost and realized that if it proved to be as valuable as they are evaluating then it tends changing their life completely”. And their life change of real when the ring goes under the hammer in the auction house in London with a valuation between £25,000 to £35,000.

Mark said, “I was on the top the sky when I came to know about its value and then I decides to use that amount for the good use.” “This money will go for a mortgage. Landowner will get half of what it fetches.” “I was always a believer of investing money instead of just spending it”, Mark added.

“The ring was rectangular cut cornered sapphire measuring 9.8*7.85mm, scalloped cups setting, gold mount with engraved figures depicting Saint Elizabeth of Hungary and the infant Christ, 15th century”, according to the Christies description. In simple words, it was old, gold and molded with sapphire ring.

As per Mark, The British museum valued the ring for £50,000 but the real value of the ring and the amount depositing for the mortgage will come in the picture after the auction in London.

“I always wanted to find something antique, who doesn’t? When I decided to use metal detectors, I didn’t realize that this day would come ever in my life. It was like a ray of sun coming through the dense clouds. It was too much for the afternoon in Nottinghamshire”, Mark exclaimed.

Anyways it is said that right person will get right thing at the right time. Time is the most neutral thing of all, it treats everyone who is working equally and we can say that it treated Mark well.

Who says Earth doesn’t has treasure? Ask Mark!