Boy Bullied For Loving Books Becomes Famous On Instagram

Callum Manning, from South Shields, UK, had always been in love with books. He had forever treated the pages of the book as his fort. This led him to make a beautiful Instagram page “cals_book_account” where he would post all about the books he read and his personal experience with the book. But this didn’t sit well with his classmates who immediately took to bullying him and make him look stupid for doing this.

Opening up on the bullying Callum explained that he was devastated at being embarrassed in the children’s group chat. In an interview, he said that he wasn’t a kid who would cry a lot, but this was one of the things which made him cry. On seeing her brother so distraught about the remarks, his sister Ellis Landreth posted a tweeted about the foul play. She thought it might urge 20-30 of her friends to follow her brother’s Instagram page but the post blew up with over 18 thousand likes. Causing Callum’s page to have over 300 thousand followers from all over the world.

Talking about his success, he says that people saw it and people just thought it’s not right because it isn’t. But then he started getting loads of comments from everyone showing their support. It was then he realized that there are still a lot of people who are actually very good and supportive of his hobbies. The success has also brought Callum a lot of books to review. One among them was YOU by Caroline Kepnes. He explained that she’s one of his favorite authors. So when she texted him, he was obviously kind of nervous but that was really cool.

Callum’s mum, Carla Landreth, said the newfound fame of her son’s book account has had a transformative effect on him – and having to invest in a few new bookcases is a small price to pay. She said that he’s been reading ever since he was really young, but he reads books like Crime and Punishment and stuff that probably not your average 13-year-old would be interested in reading. He reads everything and anything. The taunts had him very sad but since his success, his confidence has soared. She is extremely proud and happy for her son.

Carla is totally shocked by her baby boy’s success but also deep in her heart knows all about his capabilities. Callum too has still not been able to get over this and is still shocked when a writer sends him a book to review. The books did brew up Callum’s life at a young age.