Boy Chopped Off His Long Hair For Charity

A lad namely, Little Gabriel Rowcroft-James from Milton Keynes had a hair length as long as 12 inches since he was eight, which he recently chopped off.

It was found that the kid had been waiting to get a haircut done for the last six months but he also didn’t want his wavy and blonde hair to go waste so he finally decided to donate his baronets to charities who accepted donated hair as they would use them to make wigs for young people. Although Gabriel did take a wise decision to do some research before donating.

Apart from donating his hair, he also raised about 1200 Euros after he realized that each wig costed them around 500Euros. He even got his mother, Rozi, to donate her hair after which she was left with a classic pixie cut. Even his mother was able to add about 16inches of hair for charity.

Rozi answered in surprise that they both were thrilled with their new haircuts and were equally proud to have raised the amount of money. She added that they now have enough money to donate to Little Princess Trust to be able to make two and a half wigs.


She added proudly that Gabriel was overjoyed. He had been working very hard to promote the fundraising pages around the parish, putting it in the local church sheets and even talking to his scouts’ group about the same.

The mother announced that it had been fantastic as Gabriel learnt a lot about charity, the wig making process and was able to convey the same to many people.

Gabriel shared that it still feels odd, whenever he wakes up and finds out that he does not have long hair anymore. But he still enjoys it as he had been switching the color between green and blue.

Gabriel said that he felt nervous initially because he had got used to having long hair, but later realized that he could regrow his hair anytime but his act of donating hair would benefit people who probably can never even think of regrowing their hair.

Rozi concluded by saying that the cause was close to home for the family as Gabriel’s dad had lost all his hair during chemotherapy as a child. She elaborated by saying that It was not something Gabriel saw himself, instead it was something which he had inculcated from his father hence it does have a personal level to it.