Boy Proposes His Childhood Sweetheart By Sending The Ring To Space

Liam Bove from Biggleswade Bedfordshire, is a space lunatic and has loved the cosmos all his life. His girlfriend Becky Dixon from 15 years shares the same passion for space. Liam knew that she would say yes when he will pop the question and since both share love for space and cosmos it would be something special to them and they both could relate to it.

The ring was fired into space on January 10, but a lot more work was put into the idea before sending the ring into space. Liam, a 31-year-old retail system analyst had this idea for more than a year in hid mind and was working with Sent Into Space for the same. The company was started in 2011 by Dr. Chris Rose and Dr. Alex Baker. On January 10, the ring was finally sent into space that is it was fired 100,000 above the earth.

Everything was recorded and Liam presented the question and the ring with the video to his girlfriend. The video had the footage of the turquoise Tiffany box in the space. With freezing temperature and the sun rays falling on the ring it was a sight to behold. The footage was three hours long and comprised of the whole journey.

The ring was finally returned to the muddy field of Ashbourne, Derbyshire where the launch site was situated. After all the preparations space lunatic Liam took his girlfriend a primary school teacher to a long walk along their local river on February 29. He had prepared everything and played the footage there and finally popped the question.

Liam shared: “Becky is out of this world to me so I hoped the proposal would reflect that. We always say to each other ‘I love you to the far edges of the universe and back’ so I wanted to get the ring as close to that as I could.”

He added “I showed her the video and at first she was asking what was happening. She wasn’t sure if I was doing a bungee jump. Then she asked why the world was getting smaller. But I had to keep quiet. Then the slideshow of our pictures ended and revealed the ring and by that point I was down on one knee. She was absolutely overwhelmed and gobsmacked. Delighted to say the least.”

The couple is childhood sweethearts and met when they were both attending the local sea cadets. Liam shared “Some of our friends and family thought I had done the proposal through CGI and didn’t realise it had gone up into space. When they did find that out, they were absolutely amazed as well.”